Trekking the Atlas Mountain

Our team of 11 just returned from a successful expedition to the Summit of the Atlas Mountain. We conquered mount Toubkal! 

We reached the summit in -15 degrees wind chill. After 4 days of climbing our enthusiastic and exhausted team dug deep, pulled together, held hands and one slow step after the other made that last 167meters to the top, to 4167meters. It took 1.5 painful hours to do that last little bit. Really really tough. 

We did it though. We stood on top of the clouds took in our view with tears flowing down our frozen faces, we did the trek to celebrate Mental health. 

My personal objective for organising this trek was to mark the end of a 10 year career where I played the lead role in building MHFA England, a social business, a mental health movement, a fabulous community and a successful business.

The 5 day trek reminded me that I love being part of a team and that I am agile and I adapt. 

I felt the strength of human endeavour and the spirit of a group of people on a shared mission. I felt physically exhausted and mentally strong. 

Everyone in this team inspired me for different reasons but my personal hero from this trip is my 17 year old daughter (Picture of her sat under a tree for a rest on our way up). She pushed herself to her complete strength and reached her personal summit at 4000m. Never before have I seen more determination and grit. I am proud of her. So lucky to be your mum. 

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