Bringing ‘colour’ to Blue Monday

Two experiences that have made my morning colorful today:

1. The cash machine outside the station is broken and so disappointed I initially walked away, without my breakfast from my favourite morning cafe Daisy’s. Then i felt like taking a different approach. I went back to the cafe run by two lovely people and asked if they would consider an IOU and they did! I really was not expecting that! Thank you for my pasty and tea…

  2. Sat at station enjoying my warm pasty, when a couple walked in & started chatting to me about how yummy my pasty smells. I noticed the gentleman had a watch that was very old, beautiful!  Anyway, I learnt that the couple had been together for a few years after the gentleman was widowed 47 years into his marriage. It was clear he was deeply in love with his wife and he missed her.

 I asked how the both of them met and they told me the story. He was contemplating death and an unusual encounter led to him attending a gathering. There across the room was this beautiful woman who he knew his heart could love, so he took courage and one step at a time considered himself and what he was about to do, talk to another woman. A tiny bit of life growing where darkness and death had resided for so long.

Apart from the story being so romantic (tears on my pasty) what struck me was they both gazed with trust, strength and what I can only describe as a bit of magic into each other’s eyes as they told me their story. It was such a privilege to experience their intimacy for a few moments (whilst still scoffing my now soggy pasty). They both told me that love is acceptance and life is about the journey not the destination. The old watch on his wrist is over 100 years old and its still going as people have loved it in all its different states…wow!

Author: Poppy Jaman

Poppy Jaman OBE is an internationally respected mental health advocate, national policy advisor and social entrepreneur. She is the CEO and a co-founder of MHFA England, formally a small government project, now a commercially successful CIC and one of the fastest growing SME’s in Europe. Poppy is also the CEO of the CMHA, a coalition of City businesses working to increase understanding of MH issues and create a culture of good MH in the City. In 2018, Poppy was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services to people with MH issues and is a NED on the board of PHE.

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