Stand Up To Racism

Stand Up To Racism.

Today I joined the march in Parliament Square to #StandUpToRacism. I heard powerful speakers like Nahella Ashraf who’s words reminded me that our identity is not the property of others and it’s not up for debate and discussion by fascist men. Our crowd of a few thousand walked from parliament square to Victoria and the chant that landed with me the most were “Who’s streets? Our streets!”

As I walked the streets of London that I have been walking for 20 years of working life I reflect on the emotions surfacing in me. I find I can’t join the march with my voice. All the words get stuck in my throat. So my husband and I hold hands and walk in silence.

I look over to my left where there seems to be some commotion and I hear some men swearing and shouting racist slur. Their faces angry and their gestures provocative. The stewards guide the march in an alternate direction and the chanting gets louder. People hug and hold each other closer. More smiles and more passion.

I notice that now I am crying. Tears just stream down my face for the rest of the march. I let them. It’s important to hurt and cry when I am hearing words and feeling feelings that haunt me from my childhood. I am sorry we are here again.

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