Gallery and Videos

ICMA Women’s Network

Freshfields hosted an ICMA Women’s Network in June 2019 and Poppy joined Joanne Theodoulou on the panel to discuss Wellbeing in the Workplace, in particular how to address mental health in the City.

Annual Disability Lecture, Cambridge University

In March 2019, Poppy was delighted to deliver the 16th Annual Disability Lecture at St John’s College, Cambridge University. The focus of the lecture was ‘mental health and young people’ and Poppy’s lecture energised and inspired the audience.

Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy

In Autumn 2018, Poppy was honoured to receive an Honorary Doctorate of philosophy from the University of Gloucestershire

Pictures by Clint Randall

Meaning Conference

At the 2018 Meaning Conference, Poppy gave an insight into the concept of mental health first aid. She drew on the challenges she has faced in her own life, and on her experience leading Mental Health First Aid England.

Toronto Mental Health and Cities Summit

At the Mental Health and Cities Summit at the University of Toronto in April 2018, Poppy delivered a keynote that emphasised that everyone has mental health in the same way that everyone has physical health and that individuals and people at all levels of the city need to work together to destigmatise mental distress and illness.

King’s Fund podcast

everywoman podcast

In this everywoman podcast from April 2019, Poppy talks about her work with the City Mental Health Alliance and Mental Health First Aid England to change the conversation around mental health, the power of storytelling in shattering taboos – and why women should “reclaim hormones” as part of their wellbeing and mental health literacy.

Deloitte Green Room podcast

In March 2019, Poppy spoke about Imposter syndrome on the Deloitte Green Room podcast series. Have you ever questioned whether you’re good enough? Afraid people will find out you’re not capable? Felt like a fraud? You’re not alone. Imposter Syndrome affects 70% of people at some point in their lives. So what does it feel like to have Imposter Syndrome?

Bryony Gordon’s Mad World interview

Sky News interview

In May 2018, Poppy was interviewed on Sky News to discusses the MHFA England’s ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ campaign which called on the government to make having a Mental Health First Aider compulsory for all workplaces and colleges.

Chanel S Sunday Show interview