Pride London 2018!

PRIDE – as I floated through the centre of London on top of a Bus stating ‘Mental Health First Aid for All’ I felt like I was on top of the world.

Not only was I here with my, decade old, friends and colleagues, I was draped in a saree representing Asian heritage and people from my community. Some of those were in the crowd cheering me on. Almost all of them were totally surprised by a ‘woman in a saree on top of the mental health bus’.

As I connected with people who looked like me I smiled with all my heart and pulled my best pose and I stood a little taller in my attempt to reflect their pride. An honour I felt very privileged to have, in those moments.

My heart also sent out love to those who will never find a space to come out or even know the words with which to talk about their identity. I received a gorgeous message from another Asian woman, who took a picture from the crowd, found me on social media and sent it on. she said ‘the whole day made my heart swell up with pride…love is love, isn’t it!’ Yes it is. 

Obviously my pride saree was just amazing! The @mhfaengland crew know how to celebrate.  @prideinlondon

Author: Poppy Jaman

Poppy Jaman OBE is an internationally respected mental health advocate, national policy advisor and social entrepreneur. She is the CEO and a co-founder of MHFA England, formally a small government project, now a commercially successful CIC and one of the fastest growing SME’s in Europe. Poppy is also the CEO of the CMHA, a coalition of City businesses working to increase understanding of MH issues and create a culture of good MH in the City. In 2018, Poppy was awarded an OBE in recognition of her services to people with MH issues and is a NED on the board of PHE.

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